Monday, August 25, 2008


Today was the first official day of school for all three kids. John our youngest, went off to the public school for his first day of Preschool. See how hansome he was today. One picture on the front porch of all three. John with his Thomas the Train backpack. And then one of Rachel and Hannah back at home where they started their school. They were all so happy to start today.

When we dropped John off, he said hug or kisses.

Friday, August 15, 2008

August 15th more photos

August 15th - ZOO

Today we all went to the DC Zoo, the kids really enjoyed it. We got to see the Panda's, Elephants and John really liked the reptile house!

It was hot today, so we also had ice cream which the kids really liked.

Rachel really wanted to get her picture taken with the cow, so she did. Here are lots of pictures of our wonderful day.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

John in April at the Beach in FL

We went down to visit Grandma and Grandad at the beach. John likes to wear hats sometimes....

Rachel turns Five - August 7th

Rachel Rose turns 5 and we had a small family celebration on her birthday this year. She picked out her Mermaid cake. My sisters came over and enjoyed some cake with us. Then we planned a bigger family celebration on Sunday. Grandaddy and Grandma thought they were coming for a tea party for Rachel's birthday. It was Grandaddy and Grandma's 50th Wedding anniversary- so it was really a surprise 50th celebration for them.

Hannah and John's Birthday Celebration

John turned 3, May 27th and a week 1/2 later, Hannah turned 4 years olds on May 7th.

Mother's Day at Arlie

Since becoming a Mother, Al has been taking me to the special Mother's day celebration at The Arlie. This year, we took along 3 little ones. The one picture was taken inside beside our table and the other one was outside in the garden.

The girls dance in June

The girls had their dance recital in June. It was called Over the rainbow. Hannah lead the class out onto stage with her older sister following.

Catching up - Beach trip in June

When I went on a business trip we got to the beach for a couple of days. The kids love the beach!

ALL Three having Fun Today

Today we were all having fun outside. The girls Rachel, now 5, Hannah is 4 and John is 3.

Trying to catch up the blog while I'm on vacation.

John Today!

John was not walking when he came to us a year ago, he was 20lbs. Now he is running and 35lbs. He has turned 3 and loves life.

John has been with us for one YEAR!

August 7, 2008

It's been one year since John came into our family. He is such a joy and a happy boy. It's hard to believe it's only been with us for one year. This is John when he first came home.

He loves so much, his family....his cars, trucks and his new thing is horses.