Monday, September 14, 2009

Getting Washed out.....

Hannah in the water, posing for the camera and then here comes the water.
Oh, comes more much fun at the beach.

Hannah laying in the sand with her toes in the water.

Rachel playing with the water.
Hannah washing the sand toys.

Rachel eating snacks on the beach, as normal.

The kids having more fun in the sand and ocean. John eating too....

Beach fun fun

We got away to the beach for the long weekend of labor day to our favorite place in Ocean City. John having some fun in the sun.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Rachel Turns Six - August 7th

Rachel turned 6 on August 7th, and Daddy turned 50 on August 12th.

We had a party at the Fauquier Park in Marshall for Rachel's birthday. We had invited other too, to surprise Al and celebrate his birthday too!

It was a fun day and not too hot.

Singleton Life - August 24, 2009

John goes back to school.

Friday, January 2, 2009

More pictures on Christmas Day

Christmas Day

A quite fun day for the kids. It was just us! I really like more family around but it just didn't work out that way this year. The kids didn't get up too early. I came down and put an egg casserole in the oven before they got up. Then I was able to take pictures when they came into the family room where there were presents for them.

It's been really neat that the girls have really understanding the true meaning of Christmas this year. By the end of the season, they could tell the whole story of Jesus birth and all that happened.

John is just really happy and can say some words very clearly when he want too.

All the kids are enjoying that Mommy has been home all this holiday season.

John came down Christmas morning to see a stick within the Christmas presents, he immediately want and picked it up to unwrap the head and started saying niegh niegh.....he knew it was a horse head on a stick. He has been really enjoying going around the house on the horse head stick. Doesn't mind that sometimes the stick hits one of the girls....oh, did he do, it was the horsey! The girls are singing up a storm, they received diamond castle barbies and they the girls can sing it without any help.